Sri Sakthi Ashram, world-class, state-of-the-art and all on your doorstep , in Malaysia. Whatever your interest , spiritual , serving the poor and marginalized , in rituals and prayers , in middle east pyramid structure meditation , in the education facilities or spiritual lifestyle , you will be captivated by the completion of phase 1 and phase 2 of the integrated new perspective gurukulam.

This unique facility gives spiritual aspirants and students the opportunity to immerse themselves in their chosen spiritual and education path. It is also an invaluable training resource for religious and spiritual seekers throughout the region.

Whether you are looking to enhance your spiritual undertakings , seva , academic prospects, career development or would simply relish the opportunity to relax, unwind and be rejuvenated – this new facility is for you. Malaysia 1st Sakthi Peedam


The Kamakshi Peedam is the most sacred and important hall within the Shree Sakthi Ashram. The main deity, Kamakshi, is seated in a majestic Padmasana, an yogic posture signifying peace and prosperity. The Goddess is called as “Sri Kamakshi. The word is derived from the heritage “Ka” means Goddess Saraswati , “Ma” means Goddess Lakshmi , “Akshi” means Eye. The name as a whole refers as the god who has Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Lakshmi as her both eyes.

The history reveals us that King Dasaratha performed “Putra Kamakshi Yagam” for the birth of a child to his kingdom. The King within a few months was blessed with a child. The extract of this story is visible in “Markendeya Puranam”. Thus , praying to Kamakshi is truly a remedy to childless couples.

The special occasions for the Goddess Kamakshi are Aadi Velli , Pournami and more importantly Navaratri. The goddess is distinctively powerful in these times and it is even more auspicious to visit Kamakshi Peedam in these days.


One night while Guruji Sakthipriyananda was seated with some devotees discussing about various spiritual subjects guruji suddenly indicated from a very different dimension that Maa Kaali would soon appear beneath the ground to bless humankind who are suffering from black magic , sickness and evil doings. That divine message eventually personified into Maha Kaali installed at 18 feet underground Dasa Mahavidya hall in 2012.

Maha Kaali statute with 10 hands installed at underground hall is 1st of it’s kind in Malaysia where is is made from 100% fibre by the best sculpture artist in Calcutta Bengal.

The love between the Maha Kaali and her human children is a unique relationship. Maha Kali at Sri Sakthi Ashram is one such deity with whom devotees have a very loving and intimate bond, in spite of her fearful appearance. In this relationship, the worshipper becomes a child and Maha Kali assumes the form of the ever-caring mother.

Today devotees from all over the Malaysia and Spore throng Sri Sakthi Ashram almost every weekend to witness Guruji Sakthi Priyananda performing pooja and arathi to Kali Maa. All devotees are blessed with ganga water and special Maa Kali kumkumum. Numerous miracle has taken place right here at Dasa Maha Kali Peedam especially for those suffering from chronic diseases and evil spell / curse.


Sapta Matrika Tunnel (means seven goddess tunnel) also became Malaysia’s first completely goddess tunnel in 2014. The 100 feet long track connects the underground hall to the tunnel. Each part of the tunnel were designed individually by guruji to install sapta matrikas devis which in tamil is call sapta kannigal.

Devotees would be able to witness the miracle of iconographical features of the Matrikas perfectly as described in Varaha Purana, Agni Purana,Matsya Purana, Vishnudharmottara Purana and Devi Mahatmya. Sapta Matrika are aides of Supreme Goddess as told in Puranas. They are Brahmi, Maheswari , Kaumari , Vaishnavi,Vaarahi , Mahendri, and Chamunde.

Whereas in Tamil origin, sapta kannikas are virgin sisters born and dies before their puberty. Many hundred years ago, our fore fathers have made the dead kannikas as kula deivam and as guardians of the successors’ families especially the girls. The sapta kannikas from tamil origins are known as Pattaragai kanya , Deva Kanya , Padma Kanya , Sindhu Kanya , Akatha Kanya , Vana Kanya and Sumathi Kanya.


The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest of Egypt. It is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain largely intact. Several experiments conducted in these pyramids have revealed some generated pyramid powers. Bill Kerell a 20 years researcher admits that Pyramid structure pulls cosmic energy which is scientifically beneficial to mankind.

Replicating Egypt Pyramid which is also has structure of Shree Chakra Mahameru which is the essence of Sri Vidya path. Hindus particularly the sakthas worship Pyramid like Shree Chakra Mahameru which could bestow devotees with materials and spiritual benefits.

With meditation techniques being initiated at Sri Sakthi Ashram by Guruji , most people witness themselves , an experience of total relaxation of their body, followed by the shutting out of unnecessary external stimuli and irrelevant thoughts and finally achieving an altered state of consciousness and deeper inner levels.


Through the millenniums people have always looked up to nature for inspiration, guidance, peace and courage. Natural scene encompassing cultured touch radiate the inner peace of many people regardless of geographical and cultural distinctions.

Walking around Sri Sakthi Ashram which is located down at the Ledang mountain foot gives mental solace to visitors and devotees. Our spiritual park consist of magnificent natural and cultural ambience through its manicured lawns and lush gardens. More importantly , the garden has also wonderful statues of the great goddess as mentioned in the puranas.

One of great monuments here at Sri Sakthi Ashram would be the replication of a story of Lord Hayagriva rishi telling Agastiyar the secret of Lalitha Sahasranama. This stotra occurs in the Brahmanda Purana (history of the universe) in the chapter on discussion between Hayagreeva and Agasthya.

Sri Sakthi Ashram gardens is based on geometric arrangements found in nature and combines flowers, fruits, birds, leaves, symmetry, and subtlety portraying both symbolic and abstract elements of paradise and Hindu belief. In fact, the symbolism portrayed by the garden and its geometry can even be found in Hindu texts.


Guruji Sakthipriyananda is a guru with a great vision of transforming every individual who comes in contact with him to become a giant in their own life by living a life of selfless deed to fellow humans. His vision for his own life stated an early age of 19 when all teenagers are still deciding their hobbies.

Guruji had a vision where the energy of the youth is associated with transformation and service. For the last 28 years, Guruji had transformed every ordinary youth into emissary of Hindu faith and Sakthi worship by inculcating service to man is service to God.

Guruji is adored by his disciples because he leads by example. He spends every minute of his day in thinking and transforming everyone who knows him. Going beyond mere words of solace, Guruji imparts the Sri Vidya knoweldge , empowering individuals to transform their lives and take their destiny into their hands.

Guruji’s obejctive is to make Sri Sakthi Ashram Malaysia , a sri vidya based organization which should promote the greatness of SAKTHI and at the same time to initiate service towards marginalized youth. Today Sri Sakthi Ashram shelters more than 30 marginalized children internally , and had produced more than 500 graduates in various field past these 28 years.

Its Guruji’s vision to initiate 1st SAKTHI PEEDAM in Malaysia and today SSA is probably the best of Malaysian SAKTHISM Gurukulam . All facilities including it’s underground temple has a remarkable Hindu designs and sculptures. Thus with the modern design coupled with long standing heritage , its serving both a structural and a religious purpose for the community.

Guruji naming this organization as SRI SAKTHI ASHRAM denotes clearly the greatness of Amma worship which primarily propagate SAKTHISM ( Sri Vidya Sampradaaya ) in all form of prayers, meditation, and other spiritual exercises that lead man towards Amma.