Guruji Sakthipriyananda was born in historical city of Malaysia – Malacca on September 12, 1969 as the son of Sri Subramaniam and Srimathi Valliamma.  Even as he was at tender age. Guruji showed huge interest in ahimsa and care for the poor .  Guruji was the 8th child and the youngest among the all 6 brothers and 1 sister in Sri Maniam’s family.

Guruji was brought up in love bonding atmosphere and he was very attached to his grandmother till she passed away when Guruji was 17.  That sad event was the turning point for Guruji’s life into spiritual path.

Guruji studies at Tangkak  and was known to be very teacher –friendly. He loves to assist teachers and was very respectful to teachers and co-students. Guruji is also very attached to natural environments and was the lead for environmental projects in school. Guruji was awarded KING SCOUT in 1986.

Guruji studied in University Malaya from 1989-1992 and ventured into many social projects under the Persatuan Hindu University Malaya where he was the chairman of the society in 1991. Major projects include collaboration with MHS,DLS,SATYA SAI,and other prominent Hindu organization.

Guruji completed his 1st degree in 1992 and continued with LLB and completed it in 1996. He pursued CLP and MBA(Legal) till 2001 and then ventured into SAKTHISM research doctorate.



At the age of 17 , Guruji got the first spiritual awakening when he had memorable dharshan with HH Swamy Haridass Giri at Sagil Estate and it sparked his  passion on Navaratna Paamalai and “ Sakthi Leela” .


At the age of 18 Guruji met the great Kamakshi Upasagar HH Swami Srila Sri Paramahamsa Taasar  , the founder of Sri Ramakrishna Ashram Melaka and was initiated into “Sakthi Path” .  Guruji assisted HH Swami Srila Sri Paramahamsa Taasar in many of ashram’s activities especially those relating to student’s academic progress.


  It is well known to all ashram’s residents and committee members that Swamy loves Guruji very much and prefer to spend time alone with Guruji in his room after tuition classes are over ,  discussing about spiritual disciplines.


HH Swami Srila Sri Paramahamsa Taasar attained Maha Samadhi in 1997 but before that putting a very clear message to Guruji that his last wish is to built an ashram focusing on spiritual saadhana and academic for orphan and it should be located near a mountain side.  With deep yearning in the heart  to fullfill his Guru’s dream , Guruji accomplished the building of Sri Sakthi Ashram at Ledang foothill in 2005.


At the age of 25 Guruji met another spiritual giant HH Swami Kanalaa , the founder of Sanathana Dharma Sai Nilayam at Ulu Tiram Johor Bahru.  Throughout Guruji’s experience with Swami Kanalaa , Swami Kanalaa proved to be the perfect embodiment of Divine Love and Guruji thronged him for his divine love much more than anything else. Swami Kanalaa showered his unending love on Guruji all the time and showed the real path of spiritualism.


Swamy Kanalaa showed the path of constant yoke with the Almighty. Swamy Kanalaa guided Guruji into inherent chanting of the name of God to save oneself from the trap of worldly maya.  Swamy Kanalaa attained Maha Samadhi in 2005.

In 2009 , Guruji was honored “sakthi upasakar” and was officially initiated into “Sri Vidya” path by Swami Dattatreya Babaji( USA) , the founder of non-profit Tripura Foundation of USA.  Later in same year , Guruji was bestowed the name “ Guruji Sakthi Priyananda” by Malaysia well known Advaita Vedatic scholar HH Swami Brahmananda Saraswathi.


In 2011 , Guruji was also bestowed the name “ Maha Sakthi Thasar ” By Arul Oli Kundalini Sittar- Chakrabaani Swamiggal from Tanjavur India. Sittar is the founder of Tanjavur Amirteswarar Temple and Sittar  Ashram beside the “Periya temple” Tanjavur


Being the Stabagar and Sat Guru of Sri Sakthi Ashram and a full time employee as Director in a multinational company , guruji propagates the ideal of education and religious service which should be different from dry social work.


This service does not mean giving free tuition or just giving away foods and clothes or perhaps doling out some money to the poor and needy. For guruji , service must become a real worship and must be conducted and carried out selflessly.  Service is not done during free time and should not be considered as hobby. Its an internal yearning to assist the poor and underprivileged ones with compassion.


Guruji initiated ALL MALAYSIA DSDS in 2014 and had reached out more than 10,000 youth nationwide. DSDS program initiates high risk youth to voluntarily adopt basic human values as the inherent behavior pattern via C.E.P.A.T activities. DSDS program initiated by Guruji in all states in Malaysia covers youth behavioral transformation process via C.E.P.A.T methodology –  Community , Environment , Parents , Animal , Teachers.


DSDS project is not wholly about the nationwide 1 DAY DSDS awareness seminar but also encompasses 12 MONTHS of wide range of activities specially designed by Guruji to develop selflessness and other positive values in our youth so that they become fit for life, rather than just fit for enjoying and earning a ‘good’ living. Todate , we have more than 20 active service centers in Malaysia ( a.k.a. Guruji Seva Mandali ) which is promoting CEPAT to youth and parents.


Guru has never proclaim any title or fame in regards to all services rendered by Sri Sakthi Ashram to the needy. Numerous miracle has taken place during prayers at Sri Sakthi Ashram especially during Navarathri and Guruji had always maintained and reminded everyone that such miracle is taking place due to devotee’s prayers and Goddess’s blessings. For devotees seeking spiritual truth , this action itself proofs the humble nature of our beloved guru.


Summarily , Guruji had always focused on 2 main objectives thru out his life  :

  1.  To propagate “Sakthi Sampraadaya”(Sakthism) and establish “Sakthi Peedam” (Sakthi Theology School ) in Malaysia.
  2. To assist in all possible mean where children could acquire knowledge and progress in worldly education for the betterment of community as whole.


These teachings is not man-made. It came into being as part of a Divine plan. It is a revelation by the blessed child of Mother Goddess Parasakthi  , our GURUJI SAKTHI PRIYANANDA.