Sri Sakthi Ashram, world-class, state-of-the-art and all on your doorstep , in Malaysia. Whatever your interest , spiritual , serving the poor and marginalized , in rituals and prayers , in middle east pyramid structure meditation ,  in the education facilities or spiritual lifestyle  , you will be captivated

Maha Kaali statute with 10 hands installed at underground hall is 1st of it’s kind in Malaysia where is is made from 100% fibre by the best sculpture artist in Calcutta Bengal.

Sapta Matrika Tunnel (means seven goddess tunnel) also became Malaysia’s first completely goddess tunnel in 2014.  The 100 feet long track connects the underground hall to the tunnel. Each part of the tunnel were designed individually by guruji to install sapta matrikas devis which in tamil is call sapta kannigal.

Replicating Egypt Pyramid which is also has structure of Shree Chakra Mahameru which is the essence of Sri Vidya path. Hindus particularly the sakthas worship Pyramid like Shree Chakra Mahameru which could bestow devotees with materials and spiritual benefits.

Walking around Sri Sakthi Ashram which is located down at the Ledang mountain foot gives mental solace to visitors and devotees. Our spiritual park consist of magnificent natural and cultural ambience through its manicured lawns and lush gardens. More importantly , the garden has also wonderful statues of the great goddess as mentioned in the puranas.

SSA advocate not only the creation of temples and religious monuments only , but also the establishment of institutions of excellence that preserve and perpetuate our collective heritage and ethical values, foster excellence in education arenas, and nurture spiritual growth.

Presently we have 30 male orphan and  poor students staying full time at Sri Sakthi Ashram’s. Our main objective in managing the accommodation for these poor children is to provide protection and holistic growth to children in difficult circumstances and more importantly , we wish to inculcate a new world view and practice towards children in vulnerable situations.


Today , in an area of 100,000 sq feet a 1st Sakthi Peetham has been established with a vision to develop human excellence with profound knowledge and ability to apply techniques derived from ancient Hindu  wisdom to address challenges faced by humankind in the field of morale , health, education and social relationship.

If you’re considering a family retreat and relaxation with an ashram stay, it’s worth noting that ashrams tend to have a distinctive rhythm and protocol. For those who are fairly new to meditation, yoga or pooja a day consisting of few sessions could be awesome for the whole family.

lso, visitors may practice karma yoga (selfless service) by contributing to the upkeep of the facility—in the form of kitchen duties, gardening, cleaning, and children maintenance. In short, you should be comfortable with communal living to fully enjoy and benefit from the ashram experience with our modern accommodations, bathrooms, kitchen and meeting rooms.

There are about 15 rooms which could accommodate approx 80 members and dormitory which could shelter 100 occupants at any one time. These rooms and dormitory retain the simplicity of ashram living and yet are equipped with the necessary modern amenities. Some of the guest rooms have attached, western-style bathrooms and some has hot, running water. The ashram had been providing a clean, pure and sacred atmosphere to thousands of devotees and students every year.

The ashram dining is able to take 100 occupants at any one time and dining venue is common where vegetarian food is prepared for all at one place and everyone including guest eat the same food – in one common place equipped with tables and chairs. Guruji had been propagating service above self thus we do not offer dining as room service . Everyone are expected to help ( if possible ) in the kitchen and also wash their own utensils.

Other other facilities including PA system , multimedia projectors , PCs , WIFI facilities are available and will be provided upon request. Our video/audio conference room is able to shelter 30 members at any one time.