At the age of 25 Guruji met A spiritual giant HH Swami Kanalaa, the founder of Sanathana Dharma Sai Nilayam at Ulu Tiram Johor Bahru.  Throughout Guruji’s experience with Swami Kanalaa, Swami Kanalaa proved to be the perfect embodiment of Divine Love and Guruji thronged him for his divine love much more than anything else. Swami Kanalaa showered his unending love on Guruji all the time and showed the real path of spiritualism.

Sanathana Dharma Sai Nilayam devotees would fondly remember with awe those times when Swamy would lovingly open the door at odd hours to devotees in dire need and would sacrifice all his personal needs including the little sleep at nights to listen, console and pray for them. Giving away whatever he has when a devotee is in need, was a common sight. Devotees would feel indebted forever receiving Swamy’s love, affection and care which ultimately led to divine guidance in every aspect of their lives, and most of the times giving new meaning and purpose for their lives.

Swamy Kanalaa was a great soul  ,  who even during the fag end of his life, in spite of his immobility and struggling to keep steady mind due to pain and side effects of medication, would still welcome everyone, enquire about their well being, ensure best hospitality, pray & bless them with vibhoothi prasadam! Swamy was the living example of practicing “service above self” by showering the divine love that would be equivalent of hundred mothers, towards each and everyone who approached him.


In 2009, Guruji was honored with the title “Sakthi Upasakar” and was officially initiated into “Sri Vidya” path by Swami Dattatreya Babaji( USA), the founder of non-profit Tripura Foundation of USA.  Swami Dattatreya Babaji  or Siva Baba, is an accomplished master of the Tamil Siddha tradition and one of the first of his lineage to bring secretive knowledge of the Tamil Siddhas to the West. Since March 2007 Swami Dattatreya Babaji has attracted a large number of viewers as testified by his free YouTube videos teaching the Siddha knowledge. Time called Pillai the YouTube guru. As a philanthropist he has initiated many projects across India, Mexico and the U.S., which include the Million Meals Project and educating underprivileged children. His educational programs in public schools and tuition centers improves the academic and social skills of disadvantaged students in India, Mexico and the United States through brain-enhancement sounds. These programs are implemented through the Tripura Foundation, established by Swami Dattatreya Babaji, a consulting non-governmental organization to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).