Our activities past many years had been focused to alleviate suffering, poverty, ignorance and oppression by helping Malaysian Indian particularly Hindus to build secure, productive, just , loving , knowledgeable and spiritual inclined community. We target adults and youth in most of our activities. Since 1990 , SSA  has provided huge amount monetary and human support to reach out thousands of Malaysian Indian both in rural and urban areas.

Our Youth Development Programs spearheaded by SSA AGNI (Youth Army)  includes :

  • All Malaysia DSDS Program – Nationwide
  • Free Education Tuitions ( Std 1 to Form 6 )
  • Go Green / Recycle Programs
  • Gratitude To Parents / Teachers Program
  • Rice Bucket Program
  • Poor Family Adoption Program
  • Animal Adoption Program
  • Free Seminars / Forums / Talk / Workshops
  • Free Skill Training Camps / Sports / Games
  • Free Mantra Class / Bajans / Musical Camps
  • Spiritual Yatras / Cultural Shows



SAKTHI ASHRAM name itself denotes the greatness of Amma worship which primarily propagate SAKTHISM ( Sri Vidya Sampradaaya ) in all form of prayers, meditation, and other spiritual exercises that lead man towards Amma. Sri Sakthi Ashram demonstrate the joy derivable from Amma Pooja , devotional singing and repetition of the Amma ‘s Name .

Our Religious / Spiritual Development Programs spearheaded by SSA MAHASAKTHIS  (Spritual Saadhakas ) includes :

  • 48 days Navarathri Pooja / Upasana
  • Chakra Dyana / Meditation Class
  • Japa Sessions
  • Vedic Mantra Parayana Class
  • Pournami / Ammavaasa Pooja
  • Special Sickness Healing Pooja / Yagnas
  • Deceased Prayers (Shradhdha Rituals )
  • House / Temple Bajans
  • Various Yagnas
  • Religious Yatras
  • Religious Talk / Workshops
  • Spiritual Retreats



Sri Sakthi Ashram makes smart partnership with most of prominent community work organization in Malaysia. Our goal is to develop a stable and growing source of support from NGO having same objective primarily through participation in their  activities .Sri Sakthi Ashram smart collaboration with Malaysian NGOs forge links between diverse cultures and communities.

These partnership programs with various NGOs has transform the lives of many young people and surely Sri Sakthi Ashram is a thriving presence in many neighborhoods thru-out Malaysia .

  • Partnership With Government Ministries
  • Partnership With Police Dept / Executive Body
  • Partnership with Local Temples / Schools / NGOs
  • Partnership with National Multiracial NGOs
  • Partnership with National Indian / Hindu Based NGOs
  • Partnership with International NGOs
  • Partnership with International Embassies