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Sri Sakthi Ashram, world-class, state-of-the-art and all on your doorstep, in Malaysia. Whatever your interest, spiritual , serving the poor and marginalized, rituals and prayers, in middle east pyramid structure meditation, in the education facilities or spiritual lifestyle, you will be captivated by the completion of the integrated new perspective gurukulam.

Whether you are looking to enhance your spiritual undertakings, seva, academic prospects, career development or would simply relish the opportunity to relax, unwind and be rejuvenated this new facility is for you .


The kamakshipeedam is the most sacred and important hall within the Sri Sakthi Ashram. The main deity, Kamakshi, is seated in a Majestic Padmasana, an yogic posture signifying peace and prosperity. The Goddess is called as “ SriKamakshi”. The word is derived from the heritage “KA” means goddess saraswati, “MA” means goddess Lakshmi, “AKSHI” means Eye.

The History reveals us that King Dasaratha performed “ PutraKamakshiYagam” for the birth of a child to his kingdom. The king within a few months was blessed with a child. The extract of this story is visible in “MarkendeyaPuranam”. Thus, praying to Kamakshi is truly a remedy to childless couples.


There were this divine message indicated from a very different dimension that maakaali would soon appear beneath the ground to bless humankind who are suffering from black magic, sickness and evil doings. That divine message eventually personified into mahakaali installed at 18 feet underground DasaMahavidya hall in 2012.


Mahakaali statute with 10 hands installed at underground hall is 1st its kind in Malaysia where is made by best sculpture artist in Calcutta Bengal. Today devotees from all over the Malaysia and Singapore throng SSAM almost every weekend to witness Guruji performing Pooja and Aarthi to KaaliMaa.


SaptaMatrika Tunnel (means 7 goddess Tunnel) also become Malaysia 1st completely goddess Tunnel in 2014. The 100 feet Long Track connects the underground hall to the tunnel. Each part of the tunnel were designed individually by Guruji to install saptamatrikasdevis which in tamil is call SaptaKannigal.


Devotees would be able to witness the miracle of iconographical features of the Matrikas perfectly as described in varahaPurana, Agni Purana, MatsyaPurana, VishudharmottaraPurana and Devi Mahatmya. SaptaMatrika are aides of Supreme Goddess as told in Puranas. They are Brahmi, Maheswari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Vaarahi, Mahendri and Chamunde.


The great Pyramid of Gaza is the oldest and largest of Egypt. Several experiments conducted in these pyramids have revealed some generated pyramid powers. Replicating Egypt Pyramid which is also has structure of Shree Chakra Mahameru which is the essence of Sri Vidya path.


With meditation techniques being initiated at Sri Sakthi Ashram by Guruji, most people witness themselves, an experience of total relaxation of their body, followed by the shutting out of unnecessary external stimuli and irrelevant thoughts and finally achieving an altered state of consciousness and deeper inner levels.


We put the needs of Malaysian Indian’s childrenand families first, providing assistance to those most impacted by family crises or poverty.

We plant the seeds for long-term recovery at the earliest stages of our emergency response programs.

Presently we have 30 male orphan and poor students staying full time at Sri Sakthi Ashrams. Our main objective in managing the accommodation for these poor children is to provide protections and holistic growth to children in difficult circumstances and more importantly, we wish to inculcate a new world viewand practice towards children in vulnerable situations.


Guruji conducting Dasa Maha Vidya Yaagam at our Yaaga Sala at SSA Premises.


Our 18 feet underground meditation hall with prefect air ventilation and sound proof.

Other modern integrated facilities at Sri Sakthi Ashram Malaysia


Accommodation: – We have 20 fully equipped rooms with aircond for devotees wishing to have relaxed spritual rejuvenation at Sri Sakthi Ashram.


Modern Meeting / Board Rooms:- We have facility suitable for NGO or Government corporate meetings comprise of PA / multimedia and WIFI facilities.

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SSAM is a Hindu entity which has established itself as the only “Saktha” based ashram in Malaysia. All our teachings are based on “vedic” platform and focuses on goddess (Ambal) as supreme godhead. To date we had established “sakthabrahmachariars” who could recite numerous sacred texts belonging to “sakthism”. In future, we will produce more “sakthiupasagars”.

A day will come soon where Hindus in Malaysia will recognized Tangkak as religious hub for Sakthism and more importantly for Navarathri celebration. That’s what our role will be in years to come. For Thaipusam , its Batu Caves and Penang. We will soon accept the fact that for Navarathrifestival, the hub will be Sri Sakthi Ashram Tangkak. Past 26 years we had been propagating Navarathri cultures and to date it has become the mainstream practices of many local temples in Tangkak .Saktha culture such as kumari&suhashinipooja , kummi,agnichatti , seer , koluetc had successfully being introduced and practiced thru-out Navarathri Celebration in Tangkak , Muar , Melaka and thruout country.

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